And indeed there will be time . . .  

time yet for a hundred indecisions,

and for a hundred visions and revisions,

before the taking of a toast and tea.

                                         T.S. Eliot



approaching the bible as literature (2016)

From the cover:

What do you think the Bible says? How does the way the Bible is written affect its meaning? Here is a concise introduction that invites you to interact with the primary text. Interspersed with brief explanations of biblical background and writing techniques are thought-provoking questions about specific readings with space provided for response. This user-engaging approach is enhanced by its sensitivity to readers across the spectrum of belief, from atheist to devout believer. So whether you come to the subject to satisfy historical interest or to appreciate the artistry of Scripture, Approaching the Bible as Literature will deepen your understanding.


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the apostles after acts: a sequel  (2013)

From the cover:

If you could add a book to the Bible, what would it contain? Here is one answer to that question: a "sequel" to the New Testament, taking up the stories of the travels of the apostles, the trial of Paul before Nero, the commission of the four Gospels, Jerusalem and its temple destroyed, the family of Jesus, and how close his followers came to "the ends of the earth" in a single generation. The Apostles after Acts is a hybrid of historical fiction and research. Along with its chapter-and-verse "biblical" text, the book includes a detailed explanation of the mix of ancient documents, historical sources, and conjecture that form the basis of the reconstruction of events.  


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a scandalous beauty: the artistry of god and the way of the cross


From the cover:

In discussing the death of Jesus, we often focus on suffering, redemption, or other doctrinal aspects of the cross. Rarely, it seems, do we meditate on the paradoxical beauty of Christ's death. Here, Thomas Schmidt uses literary devices, powerful narratives, and moving portraits of ordinary people to express beauty and imagination in the details surrounding Christ's death and its world-changing effects. In a knowledgeable and perceptive reading of the New Testament, Schmidt shows us how God draws near to us through the scandalous beauty of the Son's death.

Starred review in Publishers Weekly, 2/8/2002.

"Thomas Schmidt uses his scriptural skills to draw us into the poetry, beauty, and grandeur of God. Sometimes whimsical, often intensely profound, usually suggesting truth on a slant, this book stirs us to fresh wonder, enormous gratitude, and more vibrant faith." Marva J. Dawn

"If it is true that the two shafts that most deeply pierce the human heart are pain and beauty, few people have been given the hard gift of being able to address it more effectively than Thomas Schmidt. May this book help many readers meet the God of miracles and hurricanes and sparrows. May it help them persevere until the day when there is no more scandal, only beauty." John Ortberg

Hardcover, Brazos Press, 2002. ISBN 10: 1587430177

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